Wholesale just got an Upgrade

Showcase your product in Video

Outfit is loaded with features focused on improving the B2B experience

Integrates with your product catalogue
Build Carts
Custom booking page
Share product in call
Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
Connects to Shopify and other e-commerce providers
Dashboard and sales metrics


Increase in average cart size when comparing to standard e-commerce experience


Unlimited clients and unlimited sales reps allow you to scale your business at anytime.


There are 686,179 Wholesale Trade businesses in the US as of 2023 and we built Outfit for you.


Directly integrates with your wholesale platform or add our booking widget directly to your website.

One system does the job of three

You no longer need to use a scheduling system, a video call system and an ecommerce system - Outfit streamlines the process

Offer appointments times or be available for requests
Put your sales team front and centre on your brand page
Join your video calls from anywhere
Track all shared products in user history
Create a cart and checkout in call or save as a draft order

New sales possibilities

Works for any industry, on any platform

From homewares and fashion, to car parts and consumables, No matter what you're selling, Outfit can work for you.

3 Steps to get started

Step 1: Build your Brand

Onboarding will help you fill out your brand profile and add your sales reps.

Step 2: Connect Wholesale Platform

Connect whichever wholesale platform you use to manage your catalogue.

Step 3: Offer Appointments

Create appointments or allow customers to request them and start your video calls.

Wholesale Supercharged

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*custom inventory integration, API development and features available
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