We humanize ecommerce

By empowering your sales reps and using video, integrated inventory, shared cart and checkout all in the palm of your hand.

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Increase in cart size

Increase in average cart size when customers shop with a virtual sales associate


Decrease in returns

Less returns in comparison to standard e-commerce shopping experience

12 min

Average call time

Average call time for sales reps performing first time call experience


More conversions

More effective product recommendations than coded purchase apps

Build your brand page

Think of Outfit like a mall - inside the mall you have the merchants which are made up of a variety of brands selling and providing various products and services.  Inside each merchant are their sales reps.  Each brand in the mall has a different vernacular for how they title their sales reps and in Outfit you are able to bring your titles to our platform.  

Empower your sales reps by giving them their own profile

Outfit was designed to empower the sales reps and we do this in a variety of ways.  We provide each sales rep with a completely customizable booking page that is nested in the merchant booking page.  This sales page essentially acts as a business card for sales reps and can be shared a variety of ways with potential customers.

Integrated inventory, sharing products and checkout

Imagine being able to talk to a client halfway across the world, show them a product from your inventory that you may not have on hand, then recommend a supporting product, adding it to a cart and then them checking out. Well, its possible!

Customers enjoy a personalized 1-on-1 shopping experience

Customers enjoy a personalized 1-on-1 shopping experience with your sales team and customers explore merchandise and make purchasing decisions together with in-call checkout.

Sell Smarter, Not Harder

showcase and sell your products, increase engagement and bridge the need for in-person interactions.

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Instant Video Chat

Connect with customers in real-time, providing a personalized shopping experience from anywhere.

Book Appointments

Schedule and manage virtual sessions, maximizing efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service.

Get Early Access

Offer early access to products to your most loyal customers, giving them a VIP shopping experience and incentivizing repeat purchases.

Fit, Feel, Deal

Only video can provide a true sense of fit and feel, and Outfit's virtual video sales tool enables customers to see how products look and move.

Build Connections

Build real connections with e-commerce customers, enabling you to personalize recommendations, increasing trust and loyalty.

No App Needed

With Outfit's web-based platform, customers can easily join virtual video sales calls without needing to download an app.

Sales Rep App

All the tools you need in one convenient app, including inventory integration, appointment management, and virtual video sales.

Profile Page

Outfit's custom profile pages for sales reps allow them to showcase their personal brand and expertise all while building credibility.

Schedule Management

You have total control over your schedule, enabling you to book and manage virtual styling sessions on your own terms.

In App Video Call

Outfit's in-app video calls can be taken from anywhere and anytime, making it easy to connect with customers .

Multi Platform

Outfit is fully responsive and can be used on iPhone, tablet, and desktop devices providing a seamless experience.

Greater Control

By taking control of the sales experience using Outfit's app, you can curate a personalized shopping experience for the customer.

Booking Page

Outfit's branded booking page allows you to showcase your staff and their areas of expertise.

Admin Portal

The admin portal gives you complete control over permissions, team management, and analytics, providing you with valuable insight.


The dashboard and reporting tools provide you with valuable insights into your sales performance and customer engagement.


Outfit's widget seamlessly plugs into your existing website or ecommerce platform - no need for additional software or infrastructure.

Ecommerce Connection

Out direct integration into your ecommerce platform and inventory enables you to effortlessly manage your virtual sales.

Greater Control

You have greater control over every aspect of the sales process, from scheduling to inventory management to customer engagement.

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*custom inventory integration, API development and features available
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