Personalized Virtual Shopping Experiences

Outfit's platform allows your brand to offer personalized shopping appointments, with integrated cart and checkout built in.

Virtual Commerce Reimagined

38% Increase Carts
Brands see 38% higher increase in cart size using Outfit
Shop Ready App
Native Add-to-cart and Checkout with our free Shopify app
40% Less Returns
Carts completed during Outfit appointments see lower returns.

What is Outfit?

Outfit is a virtual shopping platform that provides a personalized shopping experience, to empower and uplift all people through fashion.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Your Customers’ On-Demand Stylist

A 1-on-1 virtual shopping experience that puts your sales reps in the driver seat by allowing them to meet their customers anywhere.

Empower Your Sales Reps

Track Everything.

Outfit’s robust dashboard allows your business to track conversions and interactions directly, giving you actionable strategic data

Coming Soon

Outfit Live™

Increase sales by hosting live virtual shopping parties with Outfit Live™

Miriam Alden
Founder & Creative Director
Brunette The Label

Brands using Outfit