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Frequently asked questions

What is Outfit?

Outfit is a virtual shopping tool built for sales reps and merchants to humanize the e-commerce experience.  By bringing customers and sales reps together we enable the merchant to provide a more custom tailored service to the customer which in turn leads to decreased returns, decreased cart abandonment and increased cart sizes.

Three super cool things Outfit does:

Sales reps are able to showcase products directly with customers in a video call from your Shopify inventory.

Sales reps are able to send a Shopify draft cart directly to the customer while in the the video call so the client can check out on the call

Outfit provides each sales rep with their own unique booking page and schedule so they can build their schedule and be booked from wherever and whenever they want.

Does it work with any e-commerce platform?

Theoretically, yes!

There are two ways to showcase your product to consumers via video call.  Option one is by directly connecting your e-commerce platform using API integration which allows Outfit to interact with your e-commerce backend.  We are able to see your product name, vendor, pictures, description, price, variations and quantity.

This is roughly the same content that is publicly available on your site.

If your platform does not have the ability to share its API we use a second option, where we scrape the information from the URL of the specific product.  It will grab as much of the same product information as listed above but we may not be able to share a cart and checkout in video.

For more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

What does the Outfit retail app do?

Outfit offers two Apps; one app for the retailer which is used by the sales reps, and one app for the customers to shop from various brands and book virtual shopping sessions.

The Retailer App

The Outfit Retailer App is the fundamental app used by the sales reps.  They can build their profiles in it, add pictures to their profiles, update their availability, accept and cancel appointment requests and perform their video calls.

The Outfit Customer App

The Outfit Customer App is, as of this publication, the only way a customer is able to do a virtual appointment with the sales reps.  We are currently developing a web based version where no app is required but as of this moment it is a requirements. The app for customers is very easy to use and within the actual call they are really not required to engage with any superfluous technology as all of the controls are with the sales reps.